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Welcome to DreamPushGo!


At DreamPushGO we recognize that creativity can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal development. We believe that everyone has the capacity to tap into their creativity and harness its power to drive innovation, growth and success. Our mission is to spark creative and inspired action towards overcoming obstacles, connecting deeper with ourselves and others, and creating a life that feels good and authentic to us.

DY's Why:

Music and creative/performing arts have been my outlets for many years, allowing me to share my thoughts and connect with others. Through these gifts + my openness, I've been fortunate to have powerful conversations with people from all over the world, often discussing how to overcome personal barriers to pursue one's dreams.

As a professional indie artist who has been touring internationally since 2013, and as an adventurer who has moved four times to cities where I knew few people, always managing to create a fulfilling life, I've centered much of my art around the theme of "going for yours". This means facing fears, building courage, showing up as your authentic self, and developing + trusting your vision.

I'm a seasoned DreamPusher and Creative Courage Consultant, having encouraged countless people on their paths to success through performances, speaking engagements, an audiobook and interactive workshops. I've also enjoyed helping people create the things they need to bring their ideas to life in the business space. 

Here at DreamPushGO, I've created a home for the work that I live and love.


Join me as we tap in to our creativityshift our mindset and embrace the

                                                              courage to pursue our dreams!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ dy

"I need you to

get ready

to move". - UP


Brooke Jean Testimonial.JPG

"I've been apart of Dynasty's performance experiences and let me tell you... it is such a breath of fresh air! Her authenticity and openness make you comfortable to open up and simply be yourself. Dynasty is captivating on and off-screen, so regardless of your viewing experience you're gonna get a GREAT experience!"


"I had a coaching session with Dy to get creative direction on starting my business.  Her enthusiasm and determination has encouraged me to never give up.  I have seen her perform and her engagement with her audience and how she speaks life and keeps the energy positive. DY is a great example of what it means to go after your dreams no matter how the journey looks." 


"Having Dynasty as a guest speaker at She Got Vision teen summit and Queen Talk women’s luncheon was truly a blessing.


The lives that she touched truly made an impact. Dynasty was filled with so much passion that it exuded onto others.

Dynasty’s words of wisdom and positivity is what’s needed in our world. "

Brooke Jean

Digital Business Consultant

Ashlee John

Fete Fit, Founder


She Got Vision / Queen Talk, Founder

 Dynasty has been featured on/in:

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