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Performing Artist | Facilitator | DreamPusher

Dynasty, also known as the DreamPusher, is a Queens-bred hip hop/soul artist with an international reputation and an unwavering commitment to following her dreams. Inspired by gritty northern sounds and life's adventures, DY has been blazing stages for years, collaborating with industry heavyweights, such as DJ Premier.

Although she has performed on stages across the globe, DY's true passion lies in inspiring others to pursue their authentic best lives. To that end, she founded DreamPushGo, a platform that encourages intentional growth, connection, and deeper self-awareness through the use of creativity. Her unique approach draws on her own experiences overcoming personal challenges and negative thought patterns to inspire others to take action and build momentum toward their dreams.

As a dynamic and inspirational artist, Dynasty's music transcends all boundaries, appealing to a diverse range of listeners with her authentic and soulful sound. She uses her creativity and life experiences to encourage others to pursue their passions, as she has done in her own life.


With her infectious energy and unwavering determination, Dynasty is a true DreamPusher, and as she says in her lyrics, "I'll show you how to touch a dream... come and see me."

I used to think that the sky was the limit...'til I took off and wrote rhymes in it....


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DY's Why:

Music and creative/performing arts have been my outlets for many years, allowing me to share my thoughts and connect with others. Through these gifts + my openness, I've been fortunate to have powerful conversations with people from all over the world, often discussing how to overcome personal barriers to pursue one's dreams.

As a professional indie artist who has been touring internationally since 2013, and as an adventurer who has moved four times to cities where I knew few people, always managing to create a fulfilling life, I've centered much of my art around the theme of "going for yours". This means facing fears, building courage, showing up as your authentic self, and developing + trusting your vision.

I'm a seasoned Professional Artist and DreamPusher, having encouraged countless people on their paths to personal success through performances, speaking engagements, an audiobook and interactive workshops. I've also enjoyed helping people create the things they need to bring their ideas to life in the business space. 

Here at DreamPushGO, I've created a home for the work that I live and love.

Looking forward to connecting.


~ dy

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