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Creative Courage Consultant, DreamPusher, and Performing Artist.

Dynasty, also known as the DreamPusher, is a dynamic and inspirational hip hop/soul artist who uses her creativity and life experiences to encourage others to pursue their dreams. Born and raised in NYC, DY has traveled the world, performing and sharing her message of growth and empowerment. From foster care to corporate HR, she has overcome personal challenges and negative thought patterns, and is now dedicated to inspiring others to live their best lives.


In addition to her music, DY is the founder of DreamPushGo, a platform that promotes the use of creativity as a tool for intentional growth and personal development. Through her unique approach, she incorporates her own experiences and triumphs, as well as the many lessons learned along her journey, to help others build momentum toward inspired action.


With her infectious energy and unwavering determination, Dynasty is a true DreamPusher. As she says in her lyrics, "I'll show you how to touch a dream.. come and see me."

I used to think that the sky was the limit...'til I took off and wrote rhymes in it....


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